Juliet Aaltonen Sound Design

Over the last four years, both in my undergraduate studies at the Audio-Visual department of the Rietveld Academy, and in my own time, I have been working on a variety of different soundtracks and scores for moving image.

I have my own small sound studio here in Amsterdam. The sounds and textures I create in my studio have evolved as a result of the limitations of my surroundings and the instruments I have access to within them. Without access to larger arrangements for my pieces, I've been forced to explore new means of creating the textures I wish to hear in my music, whether they be through self built instruments, field recordings, digital manipulation techniques or analogue effects and instruments.

I record my pieces by picking up anything from an old wooden wind organ, a detuned mandolin, to simple household objects; and I manipulate my recordings of these instruments into immersive scores to go alongside video. I strive to create unique sounds, which stand out due to their being unrecognisable from their raw state. I normally compose on my own, occasionally collaborating with one or two other musicians for session recordings.

Recent Work

Facing the Mountain (Trailer)

Director: Ross Harrison
Producer: Vaibhav Kaul
Score: Juliet Aaltonen

To watch the full documentary visit: facingthemountain.com

Mental Hunt / Running

Copyright Josefin Arnell
Commission for RijksacademieOPEN
Concept & Direction: Josefin Arnell & Alexander Sand
Score: Juliet Aaltonen

Wong Kar Wai [re-score]

Footage: Wong Kar Wai (Copyright)
Score: Juliet Aaltonen


Footage: Juliet Aaltonen
Score: Juliet Aaltonen

West Helena

Shot in a small town between Arkansas and Mississippi, USA
Footage: Juliet Aaltonen
Score: Juliet Aaltonen

Lacoste [re-score]

Footage: Lacoste (Copyright)
Score: Juliet Aaltonen

BMW [re-score]

Footage: BMW (Copyright)
Score: Juliet Aaltonen

No Country for Old Men rescored

Footage: No Country for Old Men (Copyright)
Score: Juliet Aaltonen & Adam Lempel

Hammer House rescored

Footage: Hammer House (Copyright)
Score: Juliet Aaltonen

Jauja rescored, re-edited

Footage: Jauja (Copyright)
Score: Juliet Aaltonen

In 2013-2014 I worked as an assistant for Vincent Helbers at Flowriders music studios, www.flowridersstudio.com

I also make music under the alias Maya Maria.


Utah - Maya Maria

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Anne's Song - Maya Maria

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I have advanced knowledge of Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Audacity, and Final Cut Pro. This is highly valuable to my practice and my ability to be independent, enabling me to work in my own studio with my own equipment.

In an exhibition and live performance at the Orgelpark Amsterdam I developed and built an integrated motion to MDI processor constructed using DIY analog flex sensors and an Arduino Uno (an open source programmable micro processor), for a performance orchestrated by the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Here you can see some test footage of how the sensors work, featuring dancer and choreographer Liina Mariudottir.

Flex Sensor Demo - Orgelpark project

I also perform live, and have performed experimental sets at a variety of venues such as Work Centre 232, a gallery space in the Amsterdam Bijlmer run and organised by Fine Artist and musician Anne Öhrling Dersen.

Deep Sound

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Fire Sound

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A group exhibition displaying my work was held at the Vishal Gallery in Haarlem in 2012. My idea for the Vishal was to create an installation that brings back the history of this building's function for its modern audience, albeit in an abstract manner. I created an extended symphony for the Vishal, one that brings to the listener an abstract underwater journey. The audio journey changes constantly throughout the day and night - it is a 24hr long piece that repeats itself after it's completion.

I also created a sculpture, made from latex, as the vehicle for the piece. The latex sculpture had a similar appeal to a jellyfish lying on a beach, drawing the viewer towards it. The inside of the sculpture created a separation space; as you look under it's skin you can hear the sound more clearly and see it's source.


Artists that have inspired and influenced me include greats such as Angelo Badalamenti, Mike Oldfield, Ry Cooder, Kurt Stenzel and Carter Burwell.